About Us

Dong Peng Plastic Factory was established in November 2011. The factory address is No. 40, Corner of Kyan Sit Thar Street and Sein Lae Kan Thar Street, Kyan Sit Thar Yeikmon Industrial Zone (2), South Dagon Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

The very first major product from Dong Peng in 2011 was the 20 Liter Drinking Water Bottle with disposable caps for many water purifying companies in Myanmar.

Due to increased demand from our clients, Dong Peng Plastic Factory started manufacturing 1 Liter, 0.6 Liter and 0.3 Liter bottles with respective bottle caps in 2012. As the local market improves, Dong Peng Plastic Factory has positioned itself in many categories in plastic manufacturing.

From 2011 to 2016, the company has been producing PET bottles for vegetable oil, soft drinks, pharmaceutical, drinking water and beauty products with different sizes and different qualities for the customer’s needs.


The products from Dong Peng Plastic Factory such as PET bottle and caps are manufactured using Injection Moulding Machines and Auto Blowing Machines brought from overseas. The final products are in excellent quality with 100% new PET Resin, and are sold with 100% guarantee from us.

Dong Peng Plastic Factory and all of its staffs aim to produce our PET plastic products fulfilling all the customer’s needs while not neglecting the quality with our best efforts.

If you are interested in our products, Dong Peng Plastic Factory can be contacted via the numbers provided below.